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Programming Interview Questions 5: Linked List Remove Nodes

This is a very fundamental question and it’s tricky to implement without any bugs. Given a linkedlist of integers and an integer value, delete every node of the linkedlist containing that value.

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Programming Interview Questions 4: Find Missing Element

This question can be solved efficiently with a very clever trick. There is an array of non-negative integers. A second array is formed by shuffling the elements of the first array and deleting a random element. Given these two arrays, … Continue reading

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Programming Interview Questions 3: Largest Continuous Sum

This is one of the most common interview practice questions. Given an array of integers (positive and negative) find the largest continuous sum.

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Programming Interview Questions 2: Matrix Region Sum

This is a very elegant question which seems easy at first but requires some hard thinking to solve it efficiently: Given a matrix of integers and coordinates of a rectangular region within the matrix, find the sum of numbers falling … Continue reading

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Programming Interview Questions 1: Array Pair Sum

Once again it’s the college recruiting season of the year and tech companies started the interview process for full time and internship positions. I had many interviews last year these days for a summer internship. Eventually I was an intern … Continue reading

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